Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Welcome to ReviewSteak!

We are a young to middle aged couple with no young kids who love to travel, love adventure, and a good steak. We love all cuts and we love it medium rare.

Our love of meat, and in particular steak, has made us something like steak aficionados. We travel far and frequently and are always on the hunt for the best steak in town. Lately, we have branched out to steak offshoots, like beef carpaccio, beef tataki or, when there is no other steak around, steak tacos. We have long mused about having a blog that chronicles the best, and worst, steak we encounter.

This blog has been four years in the making. We have been to your run-of-the-mill steak houses and places most tourists would never find. I hope all of the amazing places we want to visit again are still out there. For example, a tiny bar in a remote area of Costa Rica that serves a steak with a mustard sauce that still makes me salivate when I think of it, three years later. This will be a steak diary. And whether you like steak or just like to hear about new places, welcome to our page.

Now that we finally took the leap and set this thing up, let's get going!

Biarritz, France 2017

Cancun, Mexico 2016

Hong Kong, China 2015

Tacoma, Washington 2015

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014

Atlanta, Georgia 2013
Aruba 2012