Eetcafe Lusthof - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Following a great lunch at Café Luxembourg, we spent some time exploring the city of Amsterdam, including the Van Gogh Museum. We decided to try the nearby Eetcafé Lusthof for dinner.

The café is a small, intimate space, with a few seats on the main floor that opens to the street. We were led upstairs to a quieter dining area. Our waitress was bubbly and chatty as she took us to the table. Sadly, she lacked in service what she had in personality. As you can see below, when our food arrived, we had empty glasses for both beer and water.

We ordered the sirloin steak with garlic butter, served with fries and salad.

The steak was cooked to medium rare correctly but the flavor did not stand out. It had a lot of inedible fat, making it much smaller than it appeared. The garlic butter was a feature that salvaged the flavor of the meat and was perhaps there for that reason. All in all, this was not an excellent meal.

Eetcafé Lusthof is a cool little place to stop for a beer or quick bite to rest your feet and people watch after a long day exploring the museums. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it for a four-person dinner. The space is just too tight to really enjoy yourself. More importantly, the steak was not remarkable enough to bring us back again in spite of the space issue.

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