Navíos - Cancun, Mexico

By far, one of our two favorites places in Cancun to enjoy a steak is Navíos. Navíos is within walking distance of the Westin Resort & Spa, which our go-to hotel. It sits on the lagoon side of the road and can be a little difficult to see if you don't know it's there. We found it simply because we were walking to pick up a rental car. I'm not sure we would have seen it if we were just driving by. 

Navíos means ship in Spanish and the restaurant is built on a dock over the lagoon. The seating areas have thatched roofs and most are semi-private with just a few tables in the space, however there are some private with only one table. If you are hooked, like we are, and go early for lunch, a private space is almost guaranteed.  

The dishes are made of local ingredients with some imports from other parts of Mexico. We have enjoyed many dishes at Navios for both lunch and dinner including steak carpaccio, fresh tuna tataki, A Thousand Pear Leaves salad, Mediterranean Salad, We didn't get photos of them all but the next trip we take to Cancun we will definitely eat here and I will take more pics to share.

One of my favorite dishes is Bamboo de Aguacate - chopped shrimp with sauce wrapped in thinly sliced avocado. Although this blog is focused on steak, I cannot review Navios without mentioning it. Sadly, I did not see it on the menu posted online in 2021. The next time we are there I will ask for them to bring it back for me because it is that good!

Finally,the main feature. Steak! We first had the beef filet but our choice is definitely the Filet Mignon. 

When were there for lunch, the filet mignon was not on the lunch menu (this may have changed) but we asked the waiter if they could prepare one for us and were delighted they agreed. The meal begins with a nice fresh salad dressed with a house balsamic vinaigrette. For lunch the service is quicker, but the steak is worth the wait. The filet is a true filet mignon and a nice size wrapped in bacon. It is served with vegetables sauteed in a tamarind sauce and roasted golden potatoes. Filet mignon is something you can find the world over but the sauce at Navíos gives it a Mexican flair that makes this dish truly special.

For dinner we paired the steak with a nice Malbec but opted for Vigneti Pinot Grigio for lunch. 

If you haven't realized by now, I highly recommend Navíos for lunch or dinner when you visit Cancun. The location is unique and gets you out of the hectic Cancun tourist strip. The service has always been outstanding and the food is absolutely amazing. You cannot go wrong!

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