Monday, November 26, 2018

Costa Rica

In June 2013, we met a couple in Atlanta and the discussion turned to our mutual love of travel. We were trying to decide where to spend a 9 day break for Mauricio's birthday. They offered to rent us their 2nd home in Cobano, Costa Rica. We were up for an adventure away from the city and jumped at the chance! Three weeks later we landed in Liberia and, following detailed directions, set out.

After four hours of driving on mostly dirt roads, we found the property tucked into the trees. Our location was remote and a perfect place to unwind. It was inside the jungle hills, and came with some rambunctious spider monkeys, but very close to the water. We found some beaches where there wasn't a soul in sight. At others, people set up make-shift bars where you buy a cold beer. 

We were about a 20 minute drive over some mountains from Montezuma. Some exciting moments happened on the dirt roads that were flooded out! Montezuma is considered the happening place in this part of Costa Rica, which is full of surf camps, fishing villages and yoga retreats. 

Montezuma is not your run-of-the-mill vacation spot. You have to want to go there. It's a good three hour drive from anything related to Liberia. We were able to find an amazing steak at Cocolores and a nice bar at Habanero. Click the photos below for the reviews.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


As we have only had the opportunity to visit Vienna, once and for just a few days in 2016, we only had the opportunity to visit two restaurants and eat steak. I am sure there are loads of other restaurants that I can recommend after future trips and we do plan to make future trips!

Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich history. It is full of gorgeous architecture spanning back centuries. 

We found the people to be friendly and eager to communicate. Having traveled to many countries where we didn't speak the language, we have found people can almost always find a way to convey what it is they want to say.

The Straßenbahn is a tram that runs in both an inner and outer ring in the city. It's an easy and affordable way to get just about anywhere in the city. No need for Uber! 

We were lucky to spend our first two nights in Vienna at the beautiful Hotel Bristol on the opposite side of the street from the world famous Vienna State Opera House. Taking the tram was perfect as there is a stop right outside the front door.

On the first day, we had reservations at Plachutta. It is an authentic Austrian restaurant with typical Viennese dishes. Click the photo for the full review.

Plachutta - Vienna

The final night was spent at Vienna Hotel Marriott. This is a modern area of the city with construction being done and just across the street from a beautiful park - Stadtpark. The tram does not run as close to this hotel which required more walking. 

We set out on foot and - a stroke of luck for us - we stumbled upon Wild . The restaurant has been in business over 100 years. It has a casual atmosphere and the staff was superb. Click on the photo for the full review. 

Wild - Vienna