La Estancia - Amsterdam, Netherlands

On the final night in Amsterdam, after doing some very touristy stuff during the day, we wanted to go for what should be a sure bet on a good steak. We decided that had to be an Argentinian Steakhouse, world renowned for amazing steak. When you walk down the street in the more touristy areas of Amsterdam, you are constantly bombarded with people trying to draw you into a particular establishment. 

La Estancia was the choice for the evening, and out of several was one that had a less aggressive approach to procure business. The interior of the restaurant takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam's streets into an Argentinian café. Cowhides hang on the walls alongside paintings of tango dancers. 

The very friendly manager greeted us and took us to the table. We were promptly provided with menus and asked if we would like to place drink orders. I requested a glass of the house red wine from Argentina. 

I ordered the ribeye served with housemade chimichurri - that had quite a kick! The meals are served with family-style sides of salad and potatoes for sharing. I enjoy this method, mostly seen in South American and Italian restaurants, because when you have a large protein you can go light on the sides and everything is not on your plate.

All the meat they serve is grilled and has that nice woodsy flavor. To cook a ribeye medium rare on a grill but melt the fat takes a talented chef. The steak I was served was done perfectly and absolutely delicious. Our party ordered a variety of entrées and all were excellent. The service was outstanding and we never waited for someone to check in to see if we needed anything.

Of the three steaks we had in Amsterdam, La Estancia definitely was the finest. As mentioned, there are several Argentinian steak houses in the city. I wish I could try them all, and who knows, maybe I will! However, I know you won't go wrong choosing La Estancia. Salud!

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