Blaue Gans - Salzburg, Austria

After a day of exploring Salzburg and shopping, we made a failed attempt to have dinner at a hip, fancy place in Salzburg that is now closed, we walked until we discovered Blaue Gans. In October, the night was getting cold and the interior was warm and inviting.

I ordered the Boiled Shoulder Cut of Beef. Boiled meat is not for everyone, but it is a traditional dish in Austria. I found the meat to be tender and moist (hope so -  it's boiled!). Although, as you can see, there was a tough piece running through the middle that was less than desired.

Mauricio had the Wiener Schnitzel. He enjoyed the dish and said it was one of the best he has had. 

The abundance of sides were somewhat confusing. We tried all of it, although I'm not sure we were doing it right. We may have used soup for a chimichurri. It was all tasty and I think the sides saved my opinion of the meal.  

My food was good but nothing I would go back for. This is not a criticism of the restaurant. Indeed, other reviews I have read have raved about the Boiled Shoulder dish or others like it. I am sure it is my ignorance to the nuances of Austrian cuisine, not the food itself. The service in the restaurant was outstanding. We quickly had a rapport with the bartender and waiter. I am hesitant to say this is not a restaurant worth visiting. I think one has to see for oneself. 

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