Café Luxembourg - Amsterdam, Netherlands

We were happy to end our ten day train trip through Europe in Amsterdam. By happenstance, Mauricio's brother and his wife were starting out their European trip just three days before we were departing. We planned to meet up in Amsterdam and spend a few days together enjoying the city. Our first stop for a nice meal was Café Luxembourg.

The New York times calls Café Luxembourg one of the world's great cafés, and I cannot disagree. Inside the historic building, the staff was very friendly and attentive in spite of tables full of patrons. It is a popular lunch spot for locals and tourists. The large dining room was abuzz with lunchtime chatter and the clink of silverware. We enjoyed Jupiler Pilsner on tap while we waited for, then enjoyed, our food.  (As you can see below, our glasses were never empty!)

Three of us opted for the Dutch Rump Steak with salad and fries.

The steak was tasty, and surprisingly tender. It was cooked perfectly with a little char on the outside and a cool red center. It was served with melted butter and parsley on top. 

This was a heavy lunch but perfect to revive us for more walking and exploring. 

Café Luxembourg has an extensive menu and shouldn't be missed on your next trip to Amsterdam. You can enjoy the steak, which I recommend, or just order some snacks and enjoy the atmosphere in a unique and historic café.

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