Habanero - Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Well, I will start this review by saying, if you are looking for amazing steak check out my post for Cocolores in Montezuma. This review is a steak review but not the same kind. We didn't have a lot to do so most of our days were spent exploring where any of the roads from Cobano would take us. One afternoon after driving a few hours, we decided to stop for a drink and bite at Habanero  in Playa Santa Teresa. 

In spite of being a resort, the atmosphere was low-key. That is pretty much the case anywhere in this part of CR. It is situated right on the sand and is a nice place to sit back and watch the waves. 

I ordered the ceviche. I can't say if the fish was local but it was pretty delicious. Especially with the fresh guacamole. You can see they skimped on the chips though.

Mauricio ordered Nachos with Steak. 

Steak isn't an option on the menu but there is a steak entree so it never hurts to ask! Glad we did! The nachos were very good. The veggies were fresh and the seasoned sour cream was a nice touch. 

One down side of the restaurant is it is cash only. That's a little odd since it is inside a resort.  The southern Nicoya Peninsula isn't the kind of place where you want to drive around with a lot of cash. I'm not saying it's outright dangerous but you don't want to be stranded because someone saw an opportunity and left you high and dry.  The menu is somewhat pricey compared to most local places. After we ordered some drinks we realized we were not carrying enough cash to order food, so Mauricio had to leave and drive up the road to a store with an ATM. My take on Habanero is if you are staying close by, give it a try. I would go back for drinks if we were exploring the area but I was not impressed enough to drive that far to have dinner. 

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