Saturday, April 24, 2021

Welcome to ReviewSteak!

Garota Urca - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

We are a middle-aged couple who love to travel, love adventure, and a good steak. We love all cuts and we love it medium rare.

Our love of meat, and in particular steak, has made us something like steak aficionados. We travel far and frequently and are always on the hunt for the best steak in town. Lately, we have branched out to steak offshoots, like beef carpaccio, beef tataki or, when there is no other steak around, steak tacos. We long mused about having a blog that chronicles the best, and worst, steak we encounter.

This blog was four years in the making and I finally published our first review in 2016. Covid-19 limited travel and eating out and afforded time to catch up on the reviews. This is why you will see a lot of posts from 2020 and 2021.

We have been to your run-of-the-mill steak houses and places most tourists would never find. I hope all of the amazing places we want to visit again are still out there. For example, a tiny bar in a remote area of Costa Rica that serves a steak with a mustard sauce that still makes me salivate when I think of it, eight years later. This will be a steak diary. And whether you like steak or just like to hear about new places, welcome to our page.

Now that we finally took the leap and set this thing up, let's get going!

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**For disclaimer purposes, I do not currently receive any monetary benefits from this blog. Any links I share are solely for your convenience. 

Venice, Italy 2022

Milan, Italy 2022

Salzburg, Austria 2019

Merida, Spain 2019

Madrid, Spain 2019

Biarritz, France 2017

Cancun, Mexico 2016

Hong Kong, China 2015

Tacoma, Washington 2015

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014

Atlanta, Georgia 2013

Aruba 2012

Friday, April 23, 2021

Austria - Vienna, Salzburg

Schlumberger Sparkling Bar, Vienna

We have been fortunate enough to travel to Austria twice. Once in 2016 to Vienna, and a second time to Salzburg in 2019. Both stays were part of a multiday, multi country by train trip. Each city is beautiful and unique. Click the links or photos for the reviews and the steak!

Vienna is more urban and you can take the StraBenbahn all around the city. 

Salzburg, by contrast, is a city to see on foot as the old town is shut off to cars. We had excellent meals in both cities and would definitely travel back to either and stay longer. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mexico - Cancún

We have made a few trips to Cancún, Mexico over the years. We enjoy the laid back vibe, the beaches, and a few restaurants that have us coming back again and again. 

After staying at several hotels in Cancún, the place we have found that fits our expectations and never disappoints is The Westin Resort & Spa.  It's not hard to find things to do in Cancún. Throw a rock and you will hit a tourist excursion. 

You can also find good steak relatively easy. The typical chain restaurants like Ruth's Chris and Outback are widely advertised and thoroughly frequented by your average gringo. We do our best to avoid those places when we travel and seek out places that are quieter, quainter, and where we can rub elbows with at least a few locals. Sadly, while writing this blog during the era of Covid-19, three of the restaurants I was planning to write about have closed or changed ownership. Thankfully, the others are there and hopefully will remain so until we return...

Click on the photos below for the reviews:


Tequila Grill

Bovino's Churrascaria