Rosemary's - West Village, New York, New York

Rosemary's is an Italian Restaurant located at 18 Greenwich Ave. It was the week leading up to the 50th anniversary of Stonewall Uprising and the WorldPride parade.  We stumbled upon it after walking around the village for a while visiting the Stonewall National Memorial and Stonewall Inn.

I was really hungry and, given it was a busy week in the Village leading up the festivities on Sunday, I was surprised we were able to walk in and get a table immediately. 

A lot of the pasta is made in-house and I was really craving a good carbonara. I didn't want to pass up on the skirt steak, though. We compromised and ordered one of each dish, then shared them both.

The skirt steak was fabulous. It had a perfect flavor and texture. They even managed to char one side and keep the opposite side that was sliced to medium rare perfection.

The Chitarra Alla Carbonara was simply amazing. I've had some carbonara that was stingy on the sauce (dry) or skimpy on the meat and this was neither. It was a perfect blend of sauce and noodles as well as generous on meat. 

Everything was paired with the Italian Forst Lager on tap. The beer was ice cold and refreshing.

While we were waiting for dessert, I ventured up to Rosemary's rooftop garden. While the garden was all but dormant, it was nice to see a restaurant in the heart of the city growing their own herbs!

The dessert was an affogato. An Italian coffee dessert that includes a shot of espresso "drowning" a scoop of vanilla gelato. Yum, yummy, yum! Just what we needed on a hot New York day!

Our lunch at Rosemary's was an overly satisfying experience. Quite an amazing Italian restaurant that I highly recommend!

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