Brescia, Italy

In June 2022, we were finally able to travel after over two years of COVID lockdown. Mauricio wanted to spend an entire week in Venice. We flew into Milan and I decided to find a nice stopping point about mid-way between Milan and Venice to spend the night. 

The train ride from Milan to Venice is not exceptionally long, it's between 4 -5 hours with no delays, but after a long day of travel, I felt a 2-hour train ride would suit us better. 

One draw to this particular town was the Roman ruins. Another was there is a Marriott hotel. We arrived by train and decided to walk to the AC Hotel by Marriott Brescia to see more of the town on foot. The walk was about a kilometer but dragging suitcases, and going through some cagey areas, we wished we had opted for a taxi. 

View from the hotel

We were greeted by a friendly attendant at the hotel. The room was clean and had a nice view of the hillside as well as a mini-bar. There is also a lounge and a restaurant. We were exhausted from our travels so we decided to have a couple of beers, get some rest, and have dinner in the hotel.

We were the first guests to arrive at the restaurant. The waiter was completely attentive and friendly. He brought bread with olive oil to snack on. I ordered a glass of red wine local to the region, which was recommended by the waiter.

We both ordered the steak dish. Steak sliced on a bed of greens, topped with fresh tomato and parmesan cheese.

The meat was very flavorful and cooked perfectly. The combination of flavors on the dish paired perfectly with the wine. 

The restaurant at AC Hotel Brescia is downplayed on the website, and I feel that's a shame. They have a superb staff and a wonderful menu that deserves attention. We risked staying at the hotel not knowing what to expect. If you decide to venture out to Brescia or have a stop-over as we did, this hotel and restaurant are highly recommended. 

Our train to Venice did not leave until the afternoon the following day. After a nice dinner, and a good night's sleep, we ventured out to see the Roman ruins. We simply asked the taxi driver to take us to the old town and ruins, and we were deposited right in the middle of the sights in about 20 minutes. 

We hiked to a church and monastery, met a priest, and discussed his missions to South America, then ventured on to see a panoramic view of the town. I wish we had spent more time in this gem of a city. I hope we can go back someday.

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