Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mexico - Cancún

We have made a few trips to Cancún, Mexico over the years. We enjoy the laid back vibe, the beaches, and a few restaurants that have us coming back again and again. 

After staying at several hotels in Cancún, the place we have found that fits our expectations and never disappoints is The Westin Resort & Spa.  It's not hard to find things to do in Cancún. Throw a rock and you will hit a tourist excursion. 

You can also find good steak relatively easy. The typical chain restaurants like Ruth's Chris and Outback are widely advertised and thoroughly frequented by your average gringo. We do our best to avoid those places when we travel and seek out places that are quieter, quainter, and where we can rub elbows with at least a few locals. Sadly, while writing this blog during the era of Covid-19, three of the restaurants I was planning to write about have closed or changed ownership. Thankfully, the others are there and hopefully will remain so until we return...

Click on the photos below for the reviews:


Tequila Grill

Bovino's Churrascaria

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