Tequila Grill - Cancun, Mexico

Not exactly off the beaten path, because it is in the Plaza Kukulkan shopping mall, Tequila Grill is a fantastic place for a quick lunch. In spite of being inside the mall, the restaurant seems to be overlooked by tourists and is never crowded. When preparing to write this review in April 2021, I found the map shows Tequila Grill is permanently closed. I am sad to hear that if it is true. I will confirm this next time we get a chance to go to Cancun. For now, I am going to continue with the review in hopes the restaurant will still be there!

 The service at Tequila Grill is excellent and the food is some of the freshest you can find. They bring the avocado right to your table to make the guacamole in right front of you. 

Served up with flour tortilla chips, the guacamole experience alone is worth a visit. 

Of course the steak tacos were our choice. They don't skimp on the steak and it is well seasoned, moist, and never over cooked. Paired with some queso fundido and a couple of margaritas, you have the perfect meal!

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