The Brisket - Milan, Italy

In June 2022, we spent our last night at Milan Marriott after a week of exploring Venice. We took the train from Venice to Milan's central station. From there we got a cab to the hotel. After we settled into the quite large suite, it was still early afternoon so we relaxed with a couple of beers on the lawn in front of the hotel. 

We ate so many cicchettis in Venice, we didn't have room for a lot of steak dinners. For our last night, we wanted to find a place to have a meal to remember. In two prior trips to Milan, we had hoped to make it to the canal district but did not have time. 

Milan Marriott is 2 - 3 kilometers from the canal district. It was early in the evening so we decided to walk from the hotel and enjoy the sites on foot. We had read reviews of The Brisket online and decided it was worth a try. 

We arrived early, and the staff was still setting up. However, they allowed us to sit at a table near the window and wait 10 or so minutes until the opening. Graciously, they also provided us cold beers while we waited. 

For starters, we were served a chilled sweet wine and a basket of bread. This did more than whet our appetites as we took in the smells from the smoker sneaking out of the kitchen.

I ordered the ribeye with a glass of red wine from Catina Scuropasso. The wine was rich but not too dense and complemented the heavy steak very well. Each steak is served with a delicious house-made chimichurri. 

The steak itself had a nice smoked flavor and was cooked a perfect medium rare. Mauricio ordered the asado, and rather than potatoes he opted for the highlight, the Turbo Potato. Besides the novelty of being a tower of chips, the turbo potato was a lot of fun and quite good.  

To cap off our final dinner in Italy, we ordered caramel gelato with caramel topping and dessert wine. Perfecto!

If you visit the canal district, The Brisket is a must for a perfectly cut, perfectly cooked steak. I am very pleased we ventured out to find a genuine steak house our last night in Milan.

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