Ulysses' Folk House - Financial District, New York, New York

Ulysses' Folk House is a local pub that makes you feel like you've stepped into Dublin. It's at 95 Pearl Street and 58 Stone Street. It has an entrance on each street! It offers a variety of bar fare, draft beers and libations. They are open until 4 AM, so it's good for a late-night stop to grab a bite before heading home.

There are plenty of nooks at the bar for a small group to settle in. The inside service was excellent. The bartenders are quick and know what they are doing. The side on Stone Street, which has the block closed off, shares outdoor
eating space with six restaurants and four other pubs. The spot is a perfect place to have some drinks outside with picnic tables and plenty of seating. Outside late night can be a bit chaotic and you're better off sending someone to order at the bar than trying to wrangle one of the wait staff. To that same end, we met a friend there for a quick bite and a couple of beers around 7 PM our last night in town. We got a table outside. The waitress seemed pretty clueless, slow, and only interested in flirting with the manager. It was very hot that day and the beer was all but gone before she came back around so we could ask for another round. 

I ordered sliders and the wait for the food wasn't unreasonable considering how busy it was outside. The sliders were dry and flavorless. They are simply a small patty with cheese and a little onion on a bun. Given how slow the service was, I didn't bother waiting to ask for condiments. I know you shouldn't expect much from a slider but two other bars in the neighborhood had sliders we actually went back for! 

I wouldn't say this food experience is what Ulysses' should be judged upon. This is a steak blog, however, and I had to throw in some beef. We will definitely be going back to Ulysses' for a pint or a late-night bite (and sitting at the bar!) I highly recommend the experience...just not the sliders!

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