Cocolores - Montezuma, Costa Rica

In June 2013, we met a couple in Atlanta and the discussion turned to our mutual love of travel. We were trying to decide where to spend a 9 day break for Mauricio's birthday. They offered to rent us their 2nd home in Cobano, Costa Rica. We were up for an adventure away from the city and jumped at the chance! Three weeks later we landed in Liberia and, following detailed direction, set out.

After four hours of driving on mostly dirt roads, we found the property tucked into the trees. Our location was remote and a perfect place to unwind. It was inside the jungle hills, and came with some rambunctious spider monkeys, but very close to the water. We found some beaches where there wasn't a soul in sight. At others, people set up make-shift bars where you buy a cold beer. 

We were about a 20 minute drive over some mountains from Montezuma. Some exciting moments happened on the dirt roads that were flooded out! Montezuma is considered the happening place in this part of Costa Rica, which is full of surf camps, fishing villages and yoga retreats. 

It didn't take long for us to locate a place with an awesome menu and, of course, steak! Now, I regret to say that we got so busy eating and chatting with the Italian chef and owner, Massimiliano, that we forgot to take any photos of the food - and we visited twice!

Cocolores has an international menu and anyone can find something to their taste. The fish is from local fishermen. I tried it the first night and it was delicious but after having a bite of Mauricio's steak, I had to go with that option on the second visit. The steak is from local pasture raised beef and has a little bit of an earthy flavor. We ordered one with mustard sauce and another with butter and herbs. Both were amazing but the mustard sauce was something to go back for!

Local Pasture for Raising Cattle

Cocolores is situated literally at the beach and you can sit inside the open air cabana or on the sand. The atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with friends, making new ones, or having a romantic dinner. All of which we did! 

Montezuma is not your run-of-the-mill vacation spot. You have to want to go there. It's a good three hour drive from anything related to Liberia. Cocolores doesn't (at this writing in 11/2018) have a website. You can, however find plenty of rave reviews on TripAdviser for the restaurant. Maybe they don't need a website!  One thing I can say is if you find yourself in Montezuma, Costa Rica, or anywhere within reasonable driving time, you should go to Cocolores. You won't be disappointed. You can believe next time I'm there I'll be eating at Cocolores and I won't forget to take photos of the steak!

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