Tacos - Macau - China

In October 2015 we were living on the west coast, and flights were surprisingly cheap so we took the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong. We had one of those "well, while we're there" moments and added a two day trip over to Macau. Macau is a former Portuguese territory that is known as the Las Vegas of Asia. We aren't really interested in gambling but Mauricio is from Brazil so we wanted to see old Portuguese architecture. 

We booked two days at the Sheraton Grand Macau, the largest Sheraton in the world at this time. To call our room a room is an understatement. Using cash and points we were booked into an amazing suite with a view for less than 100 USD a night. 

The hotel itself is enormous and we had to use a map to navigate. It has a lot of shopping and multiple restaurants of varying cuisines.  

Trying to take a taxi to any specific place in Macau is near impossible but I won't get into the details here. I will just say this taxi misadventure ended in an amazing steak lunch at Tacos and the meeting of the (now former) owner who has become a friend, Marisol.  

We certainly didn't go to China to eat tacos, but after the taxi debacle and a week away, we were happy to see some familiar fare. After arriving, we were introduced to Marisol, a native from Portugal who moved to Macau some years earlier and opened the restaurant. Sangria was on the menu and so were steak tacos. So we said yes, and yes!

The sangria was made fresh with Vila das Rainhas Ginja d' Óbidos sour cherry liqueur from Portugal. The sangria was one of the best we've had (and we've had a lot!). The steak is cooked right at the table on a hot stone.

The chef cooks the steak to the temperature you want so of course it's perfect. The seasoning was great and the dipping sauces were a great compliment to serve any taste. 

There are so many Portuguese restaurants on offer in Macau. Tacos is an amazing mixture of tacos with a Portuguese twist. It is definitely worth the visit and the staff is so friendly you are sure to make a new friend.

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