Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ireland - Dublin


Our trip to Dublin in June 2017 was not so much a steak-finding adventure as a search for the perfect pint. Of course, those can be found in thousands of pubs scattered across the city. Ireland is not known for world class steak but we were able to find some acceptable entrees.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Dublin

We often eat at the bar in any restaurant or hotel that offers one. On our last night in Dublin, we opted to stay in and try the steak. Our intentions were to select from the early bird menu, which advertised two courses for 2 courses for €22 or 3 courses for €25.  The only steak on the menu at the hotel's V'nV Restaurant is an 8 oz Golden Vale Prime Rib Eye for €26 but you must add a €7 supplement if you choose this during early bird hours. After a very confusing explanation from the waitress, we opted to go to the bar. 

There were three options on the bar menu. We ordered the 9 oz Golden Vale Prime Rib Eye Steak, and the 10 oz Golden Vale Beef Kansas Steak. The experience was hit and miss, literally. 

Radisson Blu, Dublin

The 9oz Golden Vale Prime Rib Eye is not prime rib, nor is it "prime" beef.  It is a rib eye, probably "choice" beef at most. It was not the best rib eye we've ever had but it was decent for the price. The chef prepared it perfectly - medium rare, a little on the rare side. It was €25 on the menu, €1 less than the 8oz at the restaurant. That's about $30.00 USD at the time of this writing.

The 10oz Golden Vale Beef Kansas Steak was another story. We are not quire sure what this cut was. It was much thinner than the rib eye. It was also tough and over cooked. At €27, nothing about this steak was acceptable. After just a few bites, it was sent back. We did not ask for a replacement. The chef did come out to apologize and offer to make something else. He acknowledged after looking at the steak, it was overcooked. It is always nice when the restaurant tries to make good on it's mistakes.

An altogether different experience is to found at The Brazen Head.

They advertise that they are Ireland's oldest pub, established in 1198. We were not there for the food. Instead we had many, many pints and listened to authentic Irish music (which is a nightly event).

We did wind up ordering off the a la Carte menu one evening. We opted for the Medallions of Beef. This is everything you expect from Irish beef medallions. They come with hearty sauce and are served over mashed potatoes. The meat pulled apart and texture was excellent. Perfect food for the dreary, chilly Dublin night. It was only €24.50, filling and yum yum good!

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