Bovino's Churrascaria - Cancun, Mexico

On a Cancun trip in 2015, we decided to try something outside of our typical hotel area and drove out to Bovino's Churrascaria. Bovino's is a Brazilian steakhouse so we were excited to try it. If you've never been to a churrascaria, the idea is you self-serve salad, sides,  breads, etc. from various bars and the waiters walk around with meats on skewers. Depending on the meat, they may offer you a piece or slice it off for you. They often have a range of temperatures on each skewer of beef. Each restaurant has a unique gimmicky way of alerting the waiter to stop by your table. Typically a flag where red means "no thanks" and green means "bring it own" is what you might see. It's basically all you can eat for one set price for food. Beverages and some items are extra. Fogo de Chão is the most popular chain and yes, there is even one in Rio (de Janeiro). 

Depending on the goal of the manager, the waiters may offer up cheaper meats more frequently, leaving you waiting for the most sought after cuts. If the restaurant is crowded, more people may be competing  for those cuts also. Unfortunately, getting the best out of churrascaria experience does take some personal resolve. Go in knowing you might have to wait out the waiter!

We made reservations but when we arrived the restaurant wasn't crowded. This meant quick, excellent service. Although we felt the choices might have been better if the place was crowded. It helps to be nice the waiter and right off the bat tell them when whichever meat you prefer leaves the kitchen come to you immediately. If they are reluctant, the offer (and giving) of a nice tip goes a long way. 

You should also know if you are going for the meat, don't fill up on the sides and salad first. Much to the disappointment of many a garcom, we have sat down and asked them to bring the meat before we even went for the veggies! 

The meat at Bovino's was excellent. While our preferred choice is picanha, the sausages were very good. One of our favorite wines is Catena. We just have not found another Malbec for the price that compares. The bartender was fantastic and recommended our first ever bottle of Catena Zapata from 2010. The wine was outstanding but I was never able to find it in the US.

To finish the meal, we shared a guava mouse. Desserts with guava are typical in Brazil. 

I think Mauricio's face shows how we felt about our meal at Bovino's! There are several Brazilian  churrascarias in Cancun and most are pricey. If you decide on Bovino's you will have a genuine churrascaria experience. There are many fine meats to try from land and sea.  You won't be disappointed.

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